Saturday, 21 February 2009

Swings and roundabouts

We have both felt a little flat since the Coast to Coast. Matt is back at work, while I have no work to go back to. I also took a peruse around the garden to find that all my lettuces went to seed while we were away, and the pumpkins seem to be coming to naught, with plenty of flowers but no pumpkins to speak of. And on a far more serious note, I had run out of gin. Made all the worse by the fact that after wanting some tall glasses for ages, I found a great set of six for only $5 in Greymouth last week and brought them home to find the gin-well was dry. What good are tall glasses without gin? What am I expected to do with them - drink water out of them? juice?

Then Toby came to visit, and brought this bottle of Tanqueray... a variety of gin I've not tried before, apparently made from the 'finest botanicals'....yummo, I was off again.

In the ensuing 24 hours, while the boys went to Akaroa (and took Boo, which really freed up a little time for me) I: sewed five fabric shopping bags (which I may even attempt to sell which shows how much I don't want to go back to permanent work), made some jars of beetroot relish from the remaining beetroot in the garden, made some zucchini pickle from some zucchini that Dot donated from her garden, and baked a batch of gingernuts for the boys upon their return. Phew.

It's amazing what some high quality gin can do to a girl's productivity.

And, to compensate slightly for the lettuces, my cherry tomatoes (which I had all but given up on) have finally arrived!

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