Friday, 19 June 2009

Christchurch morning

I had a mammoth 11.5 hours day working yesterday during which I was tending a very sick rat and a very scared Labrador amongst other things. Somehow I managed to stab a steel tooth extractor through my thumbnail and into my thumb while I was trying to take a dog's tooth out too which was pretty silly and now very sore...

Anyway, we stayed in town last night which meant Boo got to have a walk in Hagley Park this morning - there was frost on the ground and it was very chilly but the sunshine made it all seem not too bad...

We followed it up with a coffee at Underground where she bumped into her new best friend - I think her name is Winona, and her favourite phrase right now is "I love you Boo".

Now I'm back on the farm enjoying a sunny Friday afternoon, I'm going to crack out the gin soon, but before I go I thought I'd share a photo of some winter garden action:

A broad bean shoot. Yay! The garden has been dormant for a few weeks and I thought these little guys woud never stick their heads up but they're all growing well.

I'm off to make a courgette and rice gratin for dinner now (while enjoying a gin). We really know how to party on a Friday night in Sefton.

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