Saturday, 6 June 2009

Saturday morning goodtimes

It's a glorious morning outside so I've packed a picnic and Matt, Boo and I are off the enjoy the sunny winter goodness outside. No idea where we're going yet...

Roast beef sandwiches (with beef from the property and lashings of peach chutney), fruit cake (the old Coast to Coast recipe), fruit and a persimmon. I've never eaten one and I'm not even sure if you're supposed to just eat them raw, but I've popped one in and we'll give it a go.

And to top it off we get to listen to this cd while we drive....some lovely lovely person seems to have sent it to me! Quelle surprise! It has seriously been about nine months since I've been wealthy enough to include cds on my shopping list so it was such a joyous thing to find in the mailbox. Thank you whoever you are.

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