Monday, 4 January 2010

Where did the days go?

I am off to work tomorrow - and I'm working all of January which is going to be a huge shock to my delicate system. The holidays were hot and muggy, and there was far too much food. I didn't take photos of many of the memorable parts, but here's a few:

Broad beans for Christmas lunch (from my garden of course):

Ginger ice-cream which I got up and made first thing Christmas morning (with thanks to Hungry and Frozen):

The 'Man Quilt' that I made Matt for Christmas - mainly out of his old business shirts:

A whole Muscovy duck for lunch at Pegasus Bay winery:

New Year's Eve sparklers:

And a dip in the river for Boo, on one of the days it reached 30 degrees here:

All in all it was fairly busy, and far too warm for me, but nice to have Matt away from work, and I'm looking forward to this week's role reversal where I will be bringing home the bacon while Matt can cook me dinner. Yippee!

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