Monday, 8 November 2010

Apple sauce..

I used the same blog title last month when talking about the applesauce cake I made. But this is different applesauce. This is actual proper apple sauce.

I have made this a couple of times before - in actual fact it's an apple and garlic ketchup. It's really strongly flavoured and good with sausages, or quiches or other savoury things.

In the past I got the apples from the garden out at Sefton, I never knew what variety they were, but they were green and they weren't Granny Smith.

This year I drove out to Marshlands Rd and found a place selling some green apples that weren't Granny Smith, but looked kind of home grown and heirloom-y (unlike the shiny bright ones you see in the supermarket) so I picked up some of them.

It has never been a very thick sauce - more like a Worcester Sauce, but for some reason (was it the different apples?) this year it is extra runny. Tastes good, but far too watery. I may have to cook it a second time and see if I can thicken it with something.

Anyway, it made the house smell like vinegar and kept me occupied on a rainy afternoon this weekend.

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