Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Autumn already?

I can't believe how quickly summer has disappeared. We are using the heater, Boo is miserable and wet, and the mornings are increasingly dark. Brrrr. Thankfully we're off to Texas and San Francisco next week for some springtime fine in the US of A - I'm not sure it will actually be warmer, but it will be nice to leave this place behind for a couple of weeks. Plus, I can pick up some more gin duty free on the way back. Heck, I may as well get some on the way there too!

The photo above is the asparagus outside our kitchen window which now has berries on it - so pretty covered in morning rain.

Small parts of the garden still have little peeks of flowers - most of which are actually on the lettuces which went to seed.

Ah, flowers.

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