Monday, 9 March 2009

Happy 100th post!

Yes that's right, this is post number 100 for The Good Life, a milestone which I am understandably proud of. I can't think of anything special to blog about in honor of this grand event, so I thought I'd just share some of our adventures of late.

This weekend surprised us with what was possibly the last hot summery day for several we took Boo to the Ashley Gorge for a picnic - it is a truly lovely spot which I will definitely miss having such easy access to when we eventually make our move to Christchurch (more of that later)...

After a picnic in the grass, Boo went for a dip in the water:

On Friday night we were cunning enough to get into the opening of the Christchurch Art Gallery's exhibition on Sir Miles Warren (actually cunning had nothing to do with it, it was more about being with the right person).... in our search for our perfect house we have looked at a couple designed by Sir Miles, and would be pretty smug if we could find someone who would sell us theirs. In fact, we visited one on Sunday (not for sale of course) which is potentially the loveliest we've seen yet, and I am quietly optimistic that it could be The One. I took the owner some warm home made gingernuts which I'm sure will have helped. We'll see.

In other goings on around town, the Ellerslie Flower Show goes ahead this week for the first time in Christchurch - it's a pretty big deal, the city is getting quite excited. There has been a window display competition to celebrate the event - I didn't actually see too many entrants, but of the ones I saw, the window of Dusk in Poplar Lane was definitely my fave:

Matt and I are lucky enough to be going to the VIP Garden Party (again, luck actually had nothing to do with it....) which is on the night before the show is open to the public... I am having difficulty choosing a frock, Matt will be wearing a suit, and I've got my fingers crossed that there will be some Pimms available on the night. Will let you know.

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