Sunday, 29 March 2009

Home Sweet Home

On Thursday we said goodbye to Oakland...fortunately before our departure we made a point of visiting Bakesale Betty's twice to order her fried chicken sandwich - these guys are epic.. so yum yum.

Goodbye California, hello Boo Boo...

LIL: Hey Boo!

BOO: Hi! Welcome back, how was your trip?

LIL: Great, but I ate too much, didn't exercise enough and spent too much money - how was your stay in the Luxury Pet Resort?

BOO: Oh, ok, but yeah, I ate too much and didn't exercise enough. Didn't spend much money though.

LIL: It's good to be home...

BOO: You betcha, check out this weather - so good for washing! The sun is so shiny I have to squint my eyes!

LIL: I missed you Boo.

BOO: Yeah, I missed you too.

LIL: Hey Clarence - wassup? What did you get up to on the farm while we were gone?

CLARENCE: Not much. Just getting older. I went missing for a couple of days so they thought I'd died. But I came back. I always do.

LIL: Did you miss us?


LIL: Hey Pot - how was your stay in the cattery?

POT: Take that camera away from me. You suck. I hate it when you go away. I'm never talking to you again.

There's no place like home.

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