Friday, 20 March 2009

Snippets of Austin

Well, well well. What a busy few days we've had in this small town. After having thoroughly explored the central area, I can say that Austin, TX is a pretty cool place. Lots of hip young folks (especially now the music part of SXSW has begun) - lots of skinny jeans, tattoos, sunglasses and cowboy shirts.

We had out first famous Texan BBQ the other night and it was pretty good, but not amazing, but it was a free one put on by the event, so they were catering for like 3000 people, so that might explain it. Something I found far more appetising was the meal we had in a little place called Woodland in SoCo (that's South Congress) was so cool, with these cool green panels on the wall, and the food was recognisable (we even managed to get ourselves a fresh green salad - something we have struggled with thus far).

In other news from Texas, I decided to join the legions and get myself some second hand cowboy boots:

They're not as decorative as some, but I tried some full-on embroidered ones on and the girl in the shop was like - you have to own those boots and if you don't own them you won't be able to make it work. What can I say? I just didn't think I could own them - but these boots here, I totally own those boots (I owned them so much last night I now have deep sore blisters on the pads of my little toes).

Which brings me to the first night of the music stuff which began last night - it is mental. There are 2685 official SXSW music events and 2427 unofficial ones - that's over 5000 gigs in 5 days!!!

It's pretty hard just knowing where to start. Last night's highlights were Ladyhawke (go NZ!), and Camera Obscura who played in a huge church which made a nice change from the Texan bars...awesome.

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