Monday, 31 August 2009

Eating and spending, eating and spending...

We are back home again after an exciting week in Auckland. It was so fun - there was SO MUCH good food, including some giant steaks (Matt's was slow cooked for 24 hours before serving), some great Malaysian, and some epic Yum Cha. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera at hand to capture any of these moments....

..I did, however, have it nearby to snap a photo of the sparrows in St Kevin's arcade finishing off someone else's afternoon tea:

We did a lot of walking (I had forgotten how hilly Auckland is), and a fair amount of impulsive purchasing. There was an auction at Art and Object last week, and although we didn't bid, Matt and I were both very keen on pair of Ernest Race rockers. I popped in there on Wednesday to find that they hadn't sold at auction, so after a short time bargaining managed to buy them! They are lovely, but need reupholstering, no photos at hand, but got this one from (who distribute a reissue of the same chair):

Frustratingly, they won't arrive here for another two weeks or so, but maybe by then we'll have forgotten about them and it will be like a big surprise! Now we just need a house to put them in...

With all that excitement over, it's back to my life of (not very much anymore as I seem to have taken on far too many small projects) leisure.

Thanks Bro, for the place to crash.

(In case you're wondering, he's taking photos of his garden growing. Slowly).

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