Saturday, 15 August 2009

J'aime les....

I have only recently accepted that my favourite flavour is almond. For a long while I have told myself it is chocolate, but no, I realise now that if faced with a chocolate-almond decision I will always swing towards almond.

So this morning when we visited the Christchurch Farmer's market at Riccarton Bush, I couldn't walk past the authentic wee delights of J'aime les macarons. These puppies are notoriously difficult to make, I have a couple of recipes but have not yet been brave enough to try them. When we were in Paris and Avignon, there were queues heading out the doors of the Laduree shops which were so long we were put off, and I am sorry to say I never ate a French macaron.

But very shortly I will have got as close as you can get in New Zealand - for afternoon tea we will share rose, raspberry and pistachio flavoured ones.


And just quickly, it seems the blossom is all out and about already - the photo below was snapped outside Matt's office.

Spring is just around the corner...I'm off to Melbourne next week and Auckland the week after, and when I am home again winter will be over - and not a moment too soon.

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