Saturday, 22 August 2009


I got back from Melbourne in the wee hours of this morning. It was a busy busy trip with kilometres of walking, piles of food (Spanish, Chinese and Balinese all in 3 days), and lots of Len Lye (there was an exhibition at ACMI which we attended twice). I have come back with a stinking cold, my nose is red and chapped and I am blowing mountains of snot out my nose.

The shops were crazy, so many, so lovely. My favourites (although I didn't purchase anything at either - largely as I was overwhelmed by the selection) were:

1. Bison (where Matt got me a herb pot last year)...

2. and Morris and Sons in Collins St. So much yarn, so many way I could choose!

I'm only back for 3 days then it's off to Auckland for more socialising and eating and drinking.... be gone damned head-cold!

ps for some good video foot age of Len and his kinetic sculptures, check out this youtube video.

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