Sunday, 9 August 2009

Unnecessary loaf?

I was a late starter to the cryptic crossword. I had always had a half-hearted attempt and usually managed to get the words which were anagrams, but all the others failed me.

Once someone had sat me down and gone through the general types of clues I was hooked. I've never managed to do more than about half of a whole crossword before though.

That is, until now.

Yesterday I finished my first cryptic crossword. What's more, it is eligible to enter the draw for a $30 book voucher!

Oh, and for lunch today I made a loaf of no-knead bread (get the title of this post now?).

I had to start it last night and bake it this morning and we just ate it for lunch. It was great - really crunchy crust but soft (and warm) in the middle.

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