Sunday, 27 September 2009

Not Sunny Sunday

Spring is playing havoc with us. For a whole week it was warm (it even passed the 20 degree mark), then suddenly we're back in the single figures. Bleak and cold all weekend. We still have to light the fire every day, and just when I thought I'd seen the last of long sleeved wool's all on again.

Not much to do except eat and stay in bed. Today we went for a drive up around Godley Heads, after lunch in Lyttelton. The view is always spectacular up there, whether it's sunny or not.

In other exciting news, we have just switched to daylight savings, which means it only gets dark at around 7.30pm, which makes everyone feel better and more like summer is just around the corner.

The competition to find New Zealand's favourite recipe is hotting up - and this week I'm going to attempt the current number one - a white chocolate and passionfruit cake. I'm not a fan of either flavour, but am going to give it a go and take it into the office for the boys to judge.

And in other happenings in the coming week, after a disappointing last couple of haircuts (the latest making me feel like some eighties wannabe - a bit like David Bowie's hair in Labyrinth), I have booked myself in for what is going to be the most expensive haircut I have ever had. I can't even admit how much it's going to cost, except to say that it is worth three of the haircuts I usually get. It better be bloody good. I'll let you know.

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