Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Summer Ragga-muffins

There is a competition on at the moment to find New Zealand's favourite recipe. It's run on a website but Trillion has added a link to a video of his entry....

He's not winning at the moment, but I was so inspired by the video, I thought I'd give them a go myself today.

Here's my result:

The verdict? I know that these muffins are supremely healthy (no lipids of any sort!), and are environmentally friendly in that they don't encourage dairy farming, or chicken farming, but the consistency is just a bit dense and heavy for me to actually put this at the top of the list as New Zealand's favourite recipe (I will concede that maybe my baking skills let me down rather than the recipe, but I have geenerally made mean muffins in the past).

Big ups for the video though, and I did actually vote for this recipe based on the video alone. Would I make them again? Maybe, but I don't think I could resist adding some butter..... and maybe cutting back on the fruit and vege....and I would definitely consider them if I was having special-needs guests for afternoon tea (dairy, nut or gluten intolerant ones).

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