Friday, 13 August 2010

A bit of a revamp.

While we were living in the country I went a bit cushion crazy, and at the time I was on some full-on craft drive where I was intent on using up all my old fabric and figured I'd make about 700 cushions in order to do so. The result was this:

Which, at the time, I thought was awesome - exactly the look I was going for. I even blogged about it. But in our new house it seems a bit dated. When I bought home my new fabric the other day, Matt commented that it would make good cushions. I was going to make a dress, but after thinking about it decided he was right. So this week I sewed five new cushion covers.

No more craftiness, just lovely clean cushions.

And, the fabric sale was still going so I went back and bought more of the same fabric so I can make a dress too! A dress that matches our cushions....hmmm.

In other thoughts - how crazy would it have been last night being one of the 1200 skiers stuck on Mt Hutt?

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Jo Blair said...

yep - you guys have really arrived in the city now!!