Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas countdown...

Well we are definitely on the slippery downhill slide towards Christmas, and I think I have finally finished my pre-Chrissy production line. Present are all sewn, knitted, baked and preserved - they just need wrapping and delivering. The final installment in the kitchen was another round of my peach and ginger chutney (which is so yummo with curry) and my first ever batch of boysenberry jam, which turned out quite yummy but nice and tart and boysenberry like.

I had to spruce things up a bit for those jars being given as presents so used pieces of fabric cut form Matt's old business shirts to tie onto the lids with string. I thought they turned out pretty good.

I also embarked on cleaning the house and in particular the spare room/sewing room/office, which was no mean feat. It has taken me TWO DAYS to achieve this. That is a lot of cleaning.

But now I am truly ready for Christmas. Bring it on baby.

For some pre-Christmas cheer then go to my current favourite blog . But be warned there is frequent use of expletives on this site.

And finally, for those you have asked, Farmer Godfrey did indeed come and fix the piano situation. Not before he created an additional hole in the floor with his own foot however (which made me feel better). The piano is now propped up on sturdy blocks of wood (which makes it slightly too high so that when I play I feel a little like I am seven again cos I have to reach up towards the keys) and seems to have escaped unscathed.

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