Tuesday, 23 December 2008

'Twas the blog before Christmas...

I put my hand up this year to provide the potatoes for Christmas dinner (yes, even though we live in the Southern Hemisphere and it is the middle of summer we still have a cooked lunch on Christmas day).... I planted them some weeks ago using some old spuds that had sprouted in the pantry (the banner above is me planting out spuds with Boo)... well they have reached an enormous size:

...and so this morning I went out and discovered what lay underneath... lots of spuds!!

Fortunately I won't be letting the side down in the potato department. I also picked anything else which was ready and so got some fennel and beetroot for a yummy salad (I'm thinking with some yoghurt and fresh mint)..

On Sunday night I saw Jamie Oliver make some Christmas mince pies and so when mum had some mince pie filling left over I stole some and had a go at making them myself. Instead of shortcrust pastry they use filo and puff pastry and you kind of make a tray of pies that you break up into individual portions.

I am too scared to try one, I'm going to wait until Christmas day.

I hope you too have some yummy treats in store for the next couple of days....Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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