Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Party

Golly gosh, that was the worst illness I have had in forever. Five days of pain then finally this morning my tummy has stilled somewhat and I can eat again. Hoorah. I hardly left the house and almost missed the Sons & Co work Christmas party but then Matt told me what they'd planned and I had to go along. Basically there were Matt and Tim, the two programmers and their partners and the cleaner and her partner (and their little boy)...and it started out simply as wine and cheese in the office for an hour or so. Just as things were getting uncomfortably lame, Matt invited everyone downstairs.......which is an abandoned photography studio. They had set it all up for dinner and had a band (The Eastern) playing in the corner. It was crazy. Dinner was put on by Indochine who are just next door, so the waiters came through and took our orders as if we were sitting in the restaurant. Nutso. Shame I couldn't really eat. I had a nice prawn dumpling that stayed down though. Sorry about the dodgy video work, but you get the idea.

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