Thursday, 11 December 2008

Other tales of late...

Firstly, to those of you who reside in Auckland and who I failed to inform of my whirlwind Kylie related visit, I'm sorry, nothing personal just no time, no time. If it's any consolation Karma has caught up with me and I now have some sort of nausea-and-back-pain virus that means I cannot sit upright for long periods and I cannot lie down for long periods. very uncool indeed.

In more uplifting news, when I returned from the north, I found that our garden had given me some presents...

...several large heads of broccoli:

...and one large cabbage:

Cauliflowers are on their way. I forgot that the thing about brassicas like these is that they all mature at the same time, so we have 8 broccolis to eat in the next week which is quite a lot. I am going to consult the recipe books to find some sort of broccoli preserve so that they don't go to waste.

And in very concerning (but I am choosing to put it in the back of my mind) news...yesterday I came into the house to discover that my piano was on quite a pitch - turns out it is slowly falling through the 78 year old floor of our house. Not cool. When Matt got home from work we tried to right it again but in my nauseous-backpain state I could not help and together we had no chance. So, we have tried to support it with lots of blankets while we decide what to do. We may get farmer Godfrey's assistance with moving it but are not sure where to put it...the sooner we find a new house the better.

Be strong piano, don't fall yet.

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